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What are the menopause experts saying?

In this section you can find help and support from UK and international menopause experts discussing various topics, from menopause management to the importance of the progestogen component in HRT. MyWebinars section includes previous live webinars which are now available on-demand. MyPatients includes videos which discuss different patient case studies and which Viatris HRT could be appropriate. You can read more on MySpeakers and MyResources which will give you an insight into the experts featured in this section and what was discussed.


Click here to listen and watch webinars discussing the latest information on menopause and HRT, presented by national and international experts.


Click here to watch and listen to short videos on patient case studies and how to adopt an individualised approach using Viatris' range of HRTs.


Read and learn more about the expert speakers who feature within the MyWebinars & MyPatients recordings.


Download useful summary documents taken from MyWebinars to help you further support your menopausal patients.


Date of preparation: November 2021

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